Welcome to All My Blog Sites

Hello.  I am Jack Douglas.  I am the owner of several blog sites.  A few are in Blogger and others are at WordPress.  Here is an introduction to all these pages and a wide variety of topics being discussed.

First a little bit about myself.  I am as of today (September 27, 2013) a student at NorthWest Arkansas Community College.  I already have an Associates of Science but now I’m pursuing a Certificate in Proficiency in Environmental Management with a Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology.  It is my hope to work for a government agency to help us maintain high environmental standards by using ecologically sound practices through computer generated maps.

As a result, my first blog site “Tales From the Karst,” is the main one.  What is Karst?  By clicking here, you will go right to the post that describes it.  This site will be discussing ecology, environment, geology, biology, botany, chemistry, astronomy, etc, and how geography relates to these fields.  Truly, it is a science blog.  There is also a Facebook fan page affiliated with this blog, “Geojackdouglas.” I would like for you to stop by there and look at all the pictures from all around the world.  If you like this page, then please feel free to click the like button.

Even so, I’m not all into the sciences.  There are other fields that really interest me. My philosophy in life is to see the world through NATURE (Science) and SPIRIT (Ancestors).  This is akin to the Anglican/Episcopalian theology–to see scripture through tradition (how the church has always seen this particular passage) and reason (what the scripture says to the reader, personally).  Because I have such a rich ancestral background, my spiritual outlook on life is going to be rather complex and  continually “evolving” as new material keeps coming in for exploration.

Since all my immediate ancestors are Christian, and I grew up as one, “By Way of the Branch,”  which is hosted on Blogger, discusses Christianity strictly from a scriptural point of view.  It is a way to look back at how the original Christians saw their faith based communities and how different it is from most Christians today.  “Under the Scottish Oak,” approaches Christianity from a Celtic point of view, since my last name is DOUGLAS, a prominent Scottish name.

My ancestors were not always Christian, however.  This means that my spirituality will also draw inspiration from non-Christian sources.  Some were English, Irish, Scottish, Flemish, Germans, Norwegian and there are even a little bit of Cherokee genes floating around my bloodstream.  I separate these groups into three major ones, each with a blog on their own.  These are also the sites located at WordPress.

First, the pre-Christian Celts, which would include the Irish and Scottish.  These will be discussed in the blog of “Gaelic Seoc.”  The Cherokee and other native American Indians will be prominent in the blog, “Ozark Gaelic.”  The Teutonic (aka Germanic) group, which has the Vikings, Germans, English and Flemish, along with the “Scots” are represented on the blog “Riding the Bifröst.”

Did I do something right?  Please let me know!  Got any additional information?  Please share that!  Any questions or concerns, please address them.  I have these comment windows open on all my blogs, so you, the reader, can exchange thoughts, ideas and concepts right with me.  This is what I am really hoping for, because this is a sure fire way to improve!

Welcome and enjoy your stay here!!!

Jack Douglas

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