Anglisch Asatru as an Ethnic Religion

Several people within the faith have fought over this idea about “ethnicity” and where to draw the line concerning ours being an “ethnic” religion and that of just blatant racism.  Here is where I draw the line.  I, personally, will welcome ANYONE who wants to learn of our ways! Of course, one may argue that the only reason why I am of this position is because my eyes are not “blue” or “green” enough. They are actually brown. Or, I used to have a head full of red hair, until a joke I pulled off in the 90’s, not that the joke caused me to have a brownish red color, but it happened at that time.


The way I understand my own heritage is that I have a lot of English (which accounts for probably a half of my genes), but some bits of Scots and Irish, with even a wee bit American Indian in me. So does the American Indian disqualify me from worshiping Thunnar, who is commonly known as Thor? Certainly not, for even the Vikings themselves visited all these lands (I will post the archaeological evidence on the discovery of North America by the Vikings in a later post) and had interactions with all these peoples, languages, tongues and cultures.  Besides, the Aesir (aka the Asgardians, such as Wotan/Odin, Thunnar, Tuwaz/Tyr) interacted, fought and consolidated with the Vaenir (such as Njord, Freyr and Freya).  These are two different races, but one religion/community.

My wife has German ancestry, but she is the granddaughter of a full fledged Mexican couple who did immigrate, legally, of course, to the States. Now what if I was disqualified from Asgard because of who I married? What about my kids? Are they not part of the folk as well?  If an ethnic religion recognizes me as part of their community, would it seem fair to assume that they would accept those that are a part of me, and I, a part of them?

I’ve noticed that many folk who want to keep the bloodlines “pure” often will use Jews, Hindus, American Indians and others as examples that they are not racist when they want the same thing. HOWEVER, my experience with Jews and Indians has been that if a person, not of that “race” was to be “converted” over and promise to raise the children in the ways of their folk, then the ban on marrying that person outside of one’s community is lifted. IN OTHER WORDS, IT ULTIMATELY ISN’T THE BLOODLINE THAT MATTERS. IT’S THE CULTURE THAT THEY WANT TO PRESERVE. (I use all caps to emphasize, not to yell).   It would be appropriate to initiate those that have the English, or other Teutonic backgrounds/heritage/languages, and if someone outside these parameters wants in, allow a way for them to come in, but fully aware of what they are getting into and have them promise that they will adhere to such values.

My question then is this: How come a lot of us folk don’t seem to see it in this way, if what we are doing is indeed very similar to other cultures that want to preserve their ways?

I’ll leave you to your thoughts in peace.

About Ozark GaelicSeoc

An American happily married male, born in Missouri but currently living in Arkansas, native to the Ozark plateau, practicing a Gael-Teutonic (Indo-European) religion based upon studying reality through the eyes of Nature and Spirit. In this, my philosophy is similar to the American Indian, before they had any European contact. Life is a wonderful journey filled with mysteries. Though I haven't got all these things figured out, it sure is fun going through the process of discovery and adventure! Welcome to my blog pages!
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